Focused on quality, innovation, and technological excellence

The best service adapted to the requirements of our customers

Simplicity, and reliability are core values to manufacturing process.

About US

Pharmsol Inc is a production technology based trading company with a global network of connections, customers and vendors which facilitate the global purchase, sale and service of various manufacturing equipment, machineries and even machinery plants.

Pharmsol Inc  is well known for offering integrated solutions with ‘single window’ access to all its clients, ensuring seamless and optimal deliverance on all assignments. In key markets and through our experience and operational flexibility, we address challenges of our customers in areas of pharmaceutical regulations, product development, registration, engineering, market affairs and supply of products.
Our Vision

Our approach.


Make the best quality, build trust company


We will make specialized company for good machinery and contributions to human health

Our Spirit

Passion, Efficiency, Creativity

Our Mission

Our goals.

Management Policy

– High productivity
– Innovation for Advanced Products
– Ideas for Creation


Machine manufacturing is a very competitive business that demands continuing productivity improvements and cost reductions.

Being a global supplier helps Senieer understand the complexity and competitive nature of the global company.

This understanding is the driving force behind our creative idea and innovative product development.

Senieer aiming to be the top-level pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer and supplier.